Petite Celeb Spotlight::Kristin Chenoweth

This week I’m shining the spotlight on Kristin Chenoweth. She  is 4′ 11″ but don’t let her height fool you, she can hold her own in a room full of 6 footers with that personality of hers. She was recently on Extreme Home Makeover and I enjoyed her energy on the show.

Kristin has a love for the play Wicked, she starred in it early in her career ( I’m planning to see it in 2011, yaay 🙂 ) , She loves Chick-fil-a  and her style is sophisticated and chic. She is a true friend in my head. 🙂

Kristin will be performing on New Year’s Eve at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

~Enjoy Your Journeys, Kristi


Petite Celebs out and about: Adrienne Bailon Birthday Celebration

Adrienne Bailon, (4’11”), one of the original Cheetah Girls, celebrated her 27th birthday on October 27, in New York with her celeb friends; Fabulous, Drake,

Adrienne Bailon image by

Julissa Bermudez and a host of others were all their to party with Adrienne.

She wore a very simple salmon dress which blended with her skin tone very well. It worked well to create a more monochromatic scheme to give her a taller appearance. It was so perfect for her petite frame. I think she looked effortlessly beautiful.

Happy Birthday to  Adrienne.

Daily Kiss: Courage to Love

“My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return.”

~ Maya Angelou


Life is a Journey. Enjoy it. ~Kristi

Real Housewives of….Bravo!

Real Housewives OC ( image)I have been hooked on the Real Housewives shows since the original airing of the Orange County crew back in 2008. Vickie’s woohooo’s won me over and the second season, Gretchen’s Tam-RAH episode, still crack me up.


Real Housewives of Atlanta ( image)


I never grew attached to the New Jersey women but other than them, I’ve been watching.  I’ve greatly enjoyed the women from the ATL, ( who doesn’t love NeNe? I mean, really…) but I am SUPER excited to see the  wives of Beverly Hills. ..More money,more drama. 🙂

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ( image)


Did you know that Paris Hilton’s auntie ( Kim Richards) is in the cast?? The season premieres tomorrow night, Oct 14 and I can’t wait! Will you be watching too?

Welfare to Billionaire

Did you know that J.K. Rowling, the creator/author of the Harry Potter book series was turned down 12 times before a publisher accepted her first book? Even that one “yes” publisher told her to not expect much.


Looking back on that meeting must make Ms. Rowling chuckle a bit. I mean, really, this woman is a mogul and has built an empire. All because she knew in her heart that she had something special. Her story is fascinating. If you’ve not heard about her path, check out the link or watch the clip below from her recent sit down with Oprah!

This quote gave me goosebumps: “I had this moment where I suddenly thought—it was like another voice speaking to me—and the voice said: ‘The difficult thing is going to be to get published. If it’s published, it will be huge,'” she says. “And that is exactly what it was.

Thank you Ms. Rowling for being an excellent source of inspiration for me today as I embark on yet another journey.

Would you have given up after you were turned down so many times in pursuit of your dreams? I’d love to know your thoughts. Leave a comment. 🙂

Tea, anyone?

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a lovely tea party with my 4 year old daughter. It was so fun to see the little princesses enjoying their petit fours, finger sandwiches, and of course, tea.

Tea House

They were all so excited to be in their fancy clothes. It was fun to sit amongst them as they gave each other compliments like, “Wow, Jasmine, I looove your dress” and “Ooh, Jordan, I must have your necklace.”

As I sat there, I felt like chiming in using my best Rachel Zoe voice saying to all of them, “Literally, like, You all look Ba-Nanas.”

Check out the pictures. Bananas, right? 🙂

Tea Party


Today I remember: 9/11/01

Thankfully, I did not loose any family or friends on the 9/11/01.

To those who did, I send out peace and continued blessings to you.