Soul Kiss:: Be Thankful for those who said “NO”


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Kiss for your Soul: Small things can turn someones Life Around


Be Kind to a stranger today. Genuinely Smile at someone you normally would not. Watch the reaction. Your heart will thank you for it. Do you recall a time that some random person made you feel awesome? Share your story with me in the comments section.

Enjoy Your Journey ~ Kristi

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Kiss for your Soul : Pep Talk from the Kid President

Happy Monday, Friends! Here’s a video to get you all revved up for an awesome week!!

Who says Mondays are ho hum!!??? Every day should be amazing.. not boring. Get it together, watch the President and let me know what you plan to do today that is different from any other Moan-day.

Love and Light, Kristi

Storms Pass. Adjust your Sails and enjoy the Journey.

Daily Kiss:: I told the Storm..

Storms Pass. Adjust your Sails and enjoy the Journey.

Storms Pass. Adjust your Sails and enjoy the Journey.








Enjoy Your Journey ~ Kristi




Daily Kiss:: Forgiveness in 4 easy steps

Heeey Happy Monday!!

 Instead of one quote today, I wanted to kiss you all with a few steps to lead you to Forgiving Yourself with affirmations and quotes that will be helpful if you’ve been beating yourself up about ANYTHING.

Start with this: ” We are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge, and awareness we have. ” Louise Hay

Then: “We may not know how to forgive, and we may not want to forgive; but the very fact we say we are willing to forgive begins the healing practice.” – Louise Hay

Repeat this to yourself: ” As forgiveness allows love to return to my awareness, I will see a world of peace and safety and joy.” – A Course in Miracles

Now: Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on.” – Les Brown

Enjoy Your Journeys! ~ Kristi

Daily Kiss for the Soul:: Be A Blessing to someone else

” Whenever you are blue or lonely or stricken by some humiliating thing you did, the cure and the hope is in caring about other people.”—Diane Sawyer

Enjoy Your Journeys. 🙂 Kristi

Daily Kiss:: What are you doing with the light?

“An optimist may see a light where there is none, but why must the pessimist always run to blow it out? ”  ~Michel De Saint-Pierre

~ Enjoy Your Journeys. ~ Kristi

Kisses For your Soul Series::Push through the Boo’s:: Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle in 2007.

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Hey and Happy Wednesday!! It’s mid week and I wanted a little pick me up and came across this short video of Dave Chappelle sharing his experience of getting boo’d off stage. He turned it into fuel… Enjoy!  Share any videos you have that motivate you in the comments!! 🙂

Enjoy your Journeys. ~ Kristi

Positive Affirmations:: Boost yourself with Power Words

I get questions from people all the time about how to stay positive and what to do when you are in a slump.

For me, I use several tools but here is one quick  tip that helps. Posting Positive Affirmations on my mirror before I go to bed  really gives me a boost  the next day.

Don’t limit yourself to just one. Leave a pad of post its on your night table and a pen to jot down whatever it is that you have negative emotions about.

 If you are feeling:

I’m not worthy ; WRITE:: I am good enough. I’m worthy of all the good God has for me.

 I’m broke ; WRITE :: Money comes to me frequently and easily.

I’m too fat/skinny ; WRITE:: I am beautiful as I am. I love myself.

I hope this helps. I’ll share other tips on staying positive later. Share any tricks you have in the comments section. 🙂

~ Enjoy Your Journeys. ~ Kristi